Since 2009, Susan Brooks has served on the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a non-profit educational organization supporting both published and aspiring writers of commercial fiction. She holds a masters degree in publishing from George Washington University and is Editor in Chief at Literary Wanderlust, a small traditional press located in Denver,  Colorado.

She has loved books since she was a toddler. She started her writing career at age five by creating stories and poems for her grandma. She naturally fell into journalism as a young woman. She took a extended writing break somewhere along the way, but eventually she found her way back to her first love—books. As a life-long learner of writing craft she is enthralled with stories, past and present. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and is surrounded by many storytellers.

Her urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel A Trick of the Light was published July 1, 2018.

She tweets once in a while and you can follow her as @oosuzieq on Twitter.

A Trick of the Light - Brooks, Susan



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