The Epiphany Scene

Epiphany scenes are one of my favorites. I love learning new and transformative information as a reader.

What is an epiphany?

An epiphany is a sudden, intuitive perception of insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple common place occurrence or experience.

Sounds simple?

Think of it this way. Your character is running on their quest to solve the story problem when suddenly, the proverbial light bulb turns on. Your character realizes something important, that changes your character in some way. This sudden realization, sometimes, is at odds with your character’s beliefs and perceptions about what things in the story world, and because of the epiphany, your character may realize they were wrong. Ouch!

Sometimes, the loss of the character’s viewpoint allows them to struggle to regain or renew hope in their beliefs or mission. The epiphany provides your character with a way to grow, or transform, and can be essential for your character arc.

The epiphany scene:

  • Comes at a cost to your character or it renews hope or faith
  • Never comes out of the blue
  • Always comes about based on earlier plot events and information
  • Surprises your character (and hopefully your reader)
  • Sometimes allows your character to break through denial
  • Forces your character to make a choice or a change
  • Most likely follow dramatic scenes or suspenseful scenes

Make sure the information that triggers your character’s epiphany has been earned by your character through their experiences within the plot.

Kinds of epiphanies:

  • Your character was in denial but wants to know the truth
  • Your character learns what they were meant to become or do
  • Your character must accept that something bad will not change
  • Your character realizes something about themselves which they suppressed
  • Your character is forced to change by circumstance

To write an epiphany scene, start with your character in conflict, then drive them to that aha! moment which will allow your character to change because now they know the truth, or they know who they really are.

Next time: More on writing in scenes

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